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Personalized Validities!
Hey everyone,

Account administrators can now adjust what validities their pilots should be tracking. Under 'Account Settings' in the 'Validity Fields' tab, you can now add, delete, and adjust the validities across the company's account.

If you need to re-arrange the order, simply drag and drop to the location you want. There's two modes for dragging; Swap/Exchange, and Insert.

Insert will take the field you dragged, insert it where you dropped it, and adjust the fields around it either up or down to fill in the gap. Swap/Exchange will just switch one position for the other.

Also! With this update, you can now export pilot validities from within the pilot page. Just above the Validity Table, there's a button to export.

Enjoy the new features and thanks for your continued use of Helicopters Offshore!

All the best and safe flying,
Helicopters Offshore Team
Hey everyone,

If any of you have forgotten your password, never fear; Password recovery is here!
So long as you've previously entered your email into your account, just enter in your username and we'll send you your new password to your email address.

Another addition to the already huge amount of features is uploading validity documents! Just click on the header of the test in the "My Hangar" page and you'll be launched into the document manager for that test. Whether or not you already have files for that test is indicated with an icon. Paperclip for yes, empty circle for no.

Enjoy and check back soon for more updates!
Document Filtering
Hey everyone,

You can now easily filter through the documents by category! Administrators and Managers can set the documents category either during the uploading process, or already existing documents by selecting the document and then selecting "Change Category". For new categories, select "Add a Category" and type in the desired name.

More updates to come.
Exporting formats
Hey guys,

You can now export your logbook, the trainers duty schedule, and the training schedule in either Excel (.xlsx) or PDF formats. Just one of the many awesome features that comes with Helicopters Offshore.

Keep checking in for updates to come!
Documents Are Up And Running
Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce that you can now upload, download and view documents!

This is just one of the many features that brings all of your important information to one place. We know seeing who has viewed the documents can be important, so we've added that in too.

Go check it out!
Link: https://www.helicopters-offshore.com/docufile.php
Welcome to Helicopters Offshore
Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Helicopters Offshore!

We're very excited about our on-going expansion of this product. We're growing more and more each day so check back here to get the newest updates about how we're improving and what's going on in the industry.
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