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Designed by people in the business, HELICOPTERS OFFSHORE makes managing your workflow, keeping track of records and schedules, and connecting with others simple and time effective.

About Helicopters Offshore

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Our duty is to make your duty simple.

At HELICOPTERS OFFSHORE, one of our many visions is planning made easy. How can we help make your job easier? We've come up with a way for you to easily keep track and manage all of the things that are important to you. How do we know? Because we're in the business too. Our features can be applied worldwide! Here's some of our features:

  • Scheduling

    From managing your weekly flights, to your training schedules, we've got it.

  • Community

    We've created a community for helicopter pilots. Communicate, share, explore. We keep you and your colleagues in touch

  • Keep Track

    With HELICOPTER OFFSHORE, we keep track for you. From log books, to tracking when your tests expire, to showing you your flight statistics. All of your data is in one place.

More Features

Adding Pilots

Adding a pilot to your fleet is just a few keys and a click away. You can keep track of test expiration, contact information, and enable/disable aircrafts, contracts and positions. Rather than searching through piles of paper, just type the name and your results are there. Creating a pilot creates a user. That pilot can now sign in and keep track of their own statistics, view their scheduling, and connect to your community.


With just a click of the button, you can easily notify all of the scheduled pilots when and what they're flying. We send them a message straight to their phone telling them all the details. At the same time, we get you the log sheets you'll need to keep track of their hours at the end of the day. We even give you a record of all the messages you've sent and whether or not they were delivered successfully.

Flight Schedule

The first thing you see when you log in is your schedule. We know you've got a bunch of things to keep track of, so for your schedule, we've got you covered. You can easily see when and what you're flying throughout the week. For management, we cut your planning time by 50% giving you more time to enjoy yourself. Keeping track of who's available, who flew a night shift, who's flown too much, who's test are expired; We do it so you don't have to. Simply click the position and select the pilot. That's it!

Training Schedule

In addition to our key flight schedule, we have the training schedule. Plan your trainers, examiners, and trainees all in one place. We know who's available so just click a time period and we'll show you a list.

Tests and Paperwork

Easily keep track of when your documents and tests are going to expire. For management, easily print out lists of pilots who's validity is going to expire or already has. Click here for a list of all the tests we keep track of.

Crafts And Contracts

Keep track of all your aircrafts and contracts. Simply add the model and registration, whether it flies at night or during the day (used by the schedule) and even keep track of whether or not it's out for maintenance. Then you can add any of your new aircrafts to a contract, pick a fancy color, and get started scheduling.


Upload important documents that you need your fleet to see. We also keep track of who has viewed the document so you can know who to contact.

Permission Levels

We know that you might have different levels of users in your account. We let you set what your users have access to. For instance, pilots can't edit the flight schedule but managers can. You can give control to users that need it.

Features Coming Soon

Fatigue Risk Management System
Asses fatigue risk in your flights

Flight Tracking and Monitoring
Easily see where your flights currently are and where they're headed.

How it Works

pilot management

Add Some Pilots

Add some pilots to your fleet. Set their contact information, permissions, contracts and crafts, positions and tests and that's it!

aircraft management

Crafts And Contracts

Add aircrafts to manage and schedule, and create some contracts. Simply select which pilots can fly on that contract, pick the aircrafts, choose a color and you're done. You can rearrange the order just by dragging.

helicopter scheduling

Schedule Away

With just a few clicks you can be done your week's schedule. What used to take hours can now take minutes. No more stressing over papers. If there's a change, just click and select someone else.

helicopter flying

Relax & Fly!

We take care of all the heavy lifting so you can do you job without the stress. It really can be that easy.

helicopter statistics

Our Numbers

Total Users

We're continuing to expand to give you everything you want, all in one place.

Your Community

You can easily stay in contact with all of your fellow pilots with our community. Share. Read. Belong. See what your fellow pilots are up to and contribute to your community.

  • News Feed NEW. Find out all the important updates around the world that apply to pilots.
  • Messaging NEW. If you want to send a private message, we've got that too. For quick messaging in the workplace, there's our messaging center.
  • Store Coming Soon!. List and purchase things from your fellow colleagues. From headsets to computers, it's a digital garage sale.
  • Posts Coming Soon!. Stay in the know and see what your friends are talking about. Have something on your mind? Just post about it.
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